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  • Edit websites on iPad

    Paavel Liik / November 09, 2011

    With today's iPad software update (iOS 5) comes great improvement that is mostly left unmentioned — support for inline text editing on the web. So far, Edicy users could not do much with their iPads or iPhones. Read more
  • Edicy Statistics Engine

    Paavel Liik / November 07, 2011 / Comments 2

    We've just made Edicy a much better marketing tool. Starting today, all paid accounts have a full blown LIVE statistics engine. Yep, real-time analytics. Someone visits your site and it appears as a dot on the map. Like a heartbeat. Read more
  • This is a sample blog post describing your latest news.

    Paavel Liik / November 07, 2011

    Here you can post news about your company or blog about any other subject that comes to mind. This post can be deleted in the News & Blog section below by clicking the Delete link for this post. Read more